Королева Тьмы Бишоп Энн

Queen of the Darkness Anne Bishop 9780451456731 Books.Название книги: Королева Тьмы Бишоп Энн
Страниц: 274
Год: 2014
Жанр: Роман

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О книге «Королева Тьмы Бишоп Энн»

Because they are from a long-lived race and are in positions of power, they have over time completely perverted the normal relationship between the genders, in which women rule but men are respected partners.

Their plan is simple but viciously elegant: encourage people to see strong Blood males as dangerous, allowing them to be enslaved; encourage the weaker males to fear and despise strong Blood females, allowing them to be raped, broken, and stripped of their power; and all that's left are unthreatening females and males who subscribe the new hierarchy.

(The Blood are also nobility, and their relationship with the non-Blood is similarly perverted.) Into this situation is born Jaenelle, who is Witch, the living myth, dreams made flesh.

Here, the dream is getting rid the taint caused by Dorothea and Hekatah; the flesh is a child who is extremely, frighteningly powerful and loyal.

Her birth family thinks she's mad and puts her in an asylum, which is actually a private feeding ground for sadistic pedophiles.

There's the young, powerful, plucky person who's misunderstood at home and finds an accepting community; the nasty things that happen to the main character along the way to full power; the unfolding of an interesting world and magic system.

However, of bad things happen in this series; imagine the bad things in the Vanyel books and the Arrows trilogy taken together, and then doubled or tripled.

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  • Книга для озабоченных подростков, для читателей постарше слишком простенько и наивно

  • Очень интересное произведение, читала с удовольствием. эх, как обычно во всем женщины виноваты.sm246

  • Не захватила история. Никакой интриги, повествование скучное, диалоги бессмысленные.рекомендовать точно не стану.

  • Винегрет, а не любовный роман! Полнейшее разочарование и зря потраченное время. Гг не убедительные. Высокий рейтинг этой книги для меня загадка

  • На мой взгляд, мало и концовка скомкана, но мне понравилось.

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